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Add or Replace a Mobile Vending Truck/Unit (Existing Vendors)

You may use this form to add or replace a truck or mobile unit on your Vending Business License.

Prior to submitting an application, all supporting documents must be in active status or dated within thirty (30) days of submission of this form.

Once your application is received, a licensing specialist will review and follow-up with payment instructions. If you have questions, email

Vending Business Information

What Class of Vending License do you have?

Vendor Equipment

What would you like to do?

Full Name of Owner

Business Address

Vehicle/Cart Information

Would you like to add another vehicle?

Vendor Employee Badge Information

Always when a vending vessel is in operation, the business owner or a vendor employee shall be present. The employee must hold a valid Vendor Employee Badge. 

Would you like to designate an employee?

Employee 1: Full Name

Employee 1: Address

Would you like to add a second employee?

Employee 2: Name

Employee 2: Address

Would you like to add a third employee?

Employee 3: Name

Employee 3: Address

Supporting Documentation

Note: After you select the document(s) you want to upload, you must click "Upload" to successfully attach the document(s).

Upload valid Health Inspection Report/Certificate for all vending vessels

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Does your vending vessel use propane?

Upload valid Propane Operation Permit for all vending vessels

Click Here to Upload

Upload valid Vehicle Registration for all vending vessels

Click Here to Upload

Upload a digital head-shot photo of the owner and all employees for the employee badge. Note: Save the file as the name of the person in the photo. The photo should be clear and free of background objects and other people.

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Upload copy of driver's license or government-issued ID for the owner and all employees

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Upload Certified Food Protection Manager ID Card for the owner and all employees (Food Vendors Only)

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I understand that anyone who makes a false statement on this form can be criminally prosecuted and fined under D.C. Official Code 22-2405. I understand that DLCP may conduct an investigation to ascertain the veracity of the information contained herein. I further understand that if I knowingly provide false and/or misleading information on this application, DLCP may immediately revoke each license and/or permit obtained as well as issue me a fine.

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