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Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection

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Funeral Reinstatement Application


You are not eligible to use this application if your license has been expired 5 or more years.

I understand that the information I provide within this application must be true, complete and original. If I make a false statement and/or upload tampered/forged supporting documentation on this application, my license will be revoked and I will be permanently barred from consideration of licensure to practice in the funeral industry in the District of Columbia.

Funeral License Type

Upload Proof of Employment with Funeral Establishment

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Reinstatement Fee

Applicant Information

Full Name

Business Address

Is your business address the same as your home address?

Home Address

Reinstatement Screening Questions

Have you been practicing in the District of Columbia since your license expired?

Upload Letter of Explanation

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Are you licensed in another state/jurisdiction?

Upload Certificate of Good Standing

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Do you owe any outstanding debt over $100 to the District government as a result of any fine, fee, penalty, interest, or past due taxes as stipulated in the "Clean Hands Before Receiving a License or Permit Act of 1996" (DC Law 11-118, DC Code §47-2861 et seq.)?

Upload payment plan or receipt of payment

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Do you owe any outstanding debt to the District government as a result of any past due child support payments as stipulated in the Child Support and Welfare Reform Compliance Amendment Act of 2000 (DC Law 13-269, DC Code §46-225.01)?

Upload payment plan or receipt of payment

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Have you been convicted of a crime (other than minor traffic violations) since your last renewal?

Upload Conviction Judgment

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Since your last renewal, has any authority taken adverse action against your license or privileges?

Upload Disciplinary Order

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Continuing Education Requirements

Upload twelve (12) professional development hours

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Upload twelve (12) hours professional development (required for each missed cycle)

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I certify that the above statements on this application are true and complete to the best knowledge and belief. I agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the District of Columbia. I/We understand that, anyone who makes a false statement on this form can be criminally prosecuted; and, if convicted, fined up to $1000, imprisoned up to 180 days, or both, under D.C. Official Code § 22-2405.

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