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Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection

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Special Event Application Questionnaire

General Information

Definition of a Special Event

Pursuant to D.C. Municipal Regulations, Title 19, Chapter 13, a special event is a circus, rodeo, carnival, fair, performance, singing, playing of musical or other instruments, dancing or amusement of any kind, preaching, exhorting, or lecturing conducted or operating in a tent or temproary structure of any kind, on vacant land, or in a yard or area appurtenant to any building.


Application Overview

A standard one (1) day event fee is $330.00. Additional event days increase the fee. Applicants are subject to expedited fees of $100 for applications received twenty-nine (29) days prior to proposed event date and $200.00 for applications received fourteen (14) days prior to proposed event date.​

Are you requesting street closures for your event?

Have you presented to the Mayor's Special Events Task Group and received conditional approval for your street closure requests?

Upload Conditional Approval from Mayor's Special Events Task Group

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In order to close a roadway in Washington, DC, you must present to the Mayor's Special Events Task Group to receive conditional approval for a street closure.

(See HSEMA'S Planning Guide for details/instruction)


All applicants for a Special Event License with or without a street closure must be submitted at least 60 business days prior to the date of the event. 

The event will be located on...

Event Information

Event Address

Requested Street Closures

NOTE: The event organizer will request a map and list of addresses for the proposed event location from the Department of Buildings' Special Events Division.

The event organizer will submit signature consent from 75% of the resident households and businesses within 300 feet of your proposed event site to the Special Events Division a minimum of ten (10) business days before your event. (19 DCMR §1301.3 and 1301.4)

What is the start date and time of your event?

Date Picker

What is the end date and finish time of your event?

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Event Sponsor Information

Is your business entity DC-based and/or registered to do business in Washington, DC?

Sponsor's Address

Event Logistics

Site Plan Description Text

4 detailed site plans of the entire event. Provide the name, date(s) and location of event. The site plan must contain a ledger/glossary identifying structures that being permitted.  It must contain a twenty (20) ft. fire lane approved by the Office of the Fire Marshall.  Any structures placed in the street (i.e. tents and/or stages), must meet the approval of the Office of the Fire Marshall prior to submission to DOB Permit Center for final processing. Other related items should be shown on the site plan are the generators, porta-johns, handwashing stations, fire hydrants, fencing, bleachers, etc.

The ledger/ key must indicate the following if applicable:

  • No cooking under tents;
  • Need to identify the use of the tents, Identify each tent size on site plan.
  • Are tents opened or closed? On what sides?
  • Table and chairs, (state occupancy load) (provide seating arrangement)
  • Placement of generators and wattage
  • Identify type of fuel used for generator (DIESEL ONLY)  ****No refueling onsite****

Upload the Site Plan for Your Event

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Will vendors participate in your event?

Will a fee be charged to the public for entry to or for

Will the event use temporary structures (i.e., tents, stages, fences, bleachers, etc.)?

NOTE: The Site Plan must include a detailed layout of  all temporary structures

Will the event require any electrical equipment?

NOTE: A detailed layout/placement of electrical equipment must be included on the Site Plan. Additionally, a DC-licensed Master Electrician must apply for an electrical permit for generators.

Will alcoholic beverages be sold and/or served?

In order to sell alcoholic beverages at your special event, you must submit an Application for an ABC license to the Alcohol and Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA), 2000 14th Street, NW, S400, Washington, DC 20009, (202) 442-4423,

NOTE: The applicant must obtain a signature of acknowledgement from the Department of Buildings' Special Events Division prior to submitting the application to ABRA.

Mechanical Amusement Rides and Entertainment

Will you have mechanical amusement rides (i.e., moon bounce, rock wall, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, etc.)?

NOTE: You will be required to furnish proof of coverage (Certificate of Liability Insurance) for each mechanical amusement ride.

Are you using an amusement company?

NOTE: The amusement company must be licensed to operate in the District of Columbia.

Will any fireworks, flame devices or lighting pyrotechnics be used?

Will any sound amplification equipment be used at your event?

I hereby certify that I have the authority of the event owner to make this application. I declare that the application and plans are complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. The event owner has assured me that if a permit (or permits) is issued, the construction will conform to the D.C. Construction Codes, the Zoning Regulations, and all applicable laws and regulations of the District of Columbia. False statements or misrepresentations of facts on a permit application and/or plans are subject to criminal penalties pursuant to D.C. Law 22-2405.

Applicant Signature

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DC INSPECTOR GENERAL HOTLINE: If you are aware of corruption, fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement involving any DC Government agency, official or program, contact the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at 202-727-0267 or 1-800 521-1639 (toll free). All reports are confidential and you may remain anonymous by law. Government employees are protected from reprisals or retaliation by their employers for reporting to the OIG. The information you provide may result in an investigation leading to administrative action, civil penalties, or criminal prosecution in appropriate cases.